Pieter Beyens

Pieter studied computer science and started as a software engineer in 2002. His first embedded job was 2 years later in which he did research on energy-efficient networking algorithms in wireless sensor networks (2003-2004, VUB). He then applied this (more theoretical) networking and embedded knowledge in the telecom industry, initially on digital tv head-ends (2005-2006, Cisco) and later on dsl routers (2007-2008, Thomson). Since 2009 he's active in the automotive industry. At EIA he has gone deeply embedded on very low-end ECUs (2009-2011, EIA). For the moment he's exploring functional safety on ECUs that run safety critical applications (2012, GRAMMER).

You can download his CV here.

You can contact him via email: pieter.beyens@bytelead.be.